The Infinity Dreams Awards

The Infinity Dreams Awards

Hey guys! The lovely Mishma from Chasing Faerytales (aka one of the coolest/greatest/loveliest blogs ever) has been kind enough to nominate me for the Infinity Dreams Award in this post of hers. Normally I forget to do these kinds of stuff, but NOT TODAY.

Maybe next month.

But anyway.

The rules of the Infinity Dreams awards are:

Thank and follow the blog that nominated you

Tell us eleven facts about yourself

Answer the questions that were set for you to answer

Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them


Let’s get started!

eleven facts about yours truly

  1. I think the most stories I’ve been writing at the same time was seven. I never made it past  chapter five in any of them >.<
  2. I hate typing the actual number unless it’s math or a really big number. I prefer doing them word-style.
  3. Small talk is my greatest enemy.
  4. I play the bass, guitar, some piano, clarinet and am attempting to learn the drums.
  5. I consider these facts about me terribly boring I am so sorry.
  6. I’m fluent in three languages: english, fandom, and sarcasm.
  7. Percabeth is my OTP anyone who wants to disrupt my ship fIGHT ME.
  8. Don’t actually fight me I’m like 4’11” and a potato I wouldn’t survive.
  9. I once wrote a story in first grade that was a ripoff of Goldilocks except with dragons
  10. I apparently don’t know enough facts about myself to fill this with eleven of them
  11. I’ve officially run out of ideas so yeah


mishma’s questions

The million dollar question….Batman or Superman? 😀


I like ‘em dark.

Is there a book which you would recommend to any one?

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, basically. I cheated and named two series teehee.

What movie do you wish was a book?

I actually will never be able to answer the question because I am utterly terrified of seeing my beloved stories getting butchered by ill-directed movies so I think I’ll skip.

What? I can’t skip? Fine. Then… maybe the Grisha. I don’t love it enough to be utterly crushed by a terrible movie but I love it enough to wish for it on the big screen (TEAM DARKLING BABY.)

Is there any fictional character you would swap lives with?

To be honest not really because all the fictional characters I’d consider switching lives with have incredibly active and dangerous experiences and I’m pretty sure if I was faced with anything bigger than a spider I’d pass out. Even spiders make me cringe.

What’s your favourite beverage?

Mountain Dew!

Who was your first ever fictional crush?

Percy Jackson.
Sorry Annabeth.

Which book do you never get tired of rereading?

This post is already 80% Percy Jackson.

Let’s make it 85%.

So Percy Jackson (the whollleeee series!)

Who’s your OTP?

I will say it again and again.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how artistic are you?

Uhm… maybe a seven? Eight? Not too too artistic mind you.

Which genre do you never touch?

Honestly I’m trying to stay away from the paranormal scene because I feel like so many of them are cookie-cutters of each other.

Let’s spread some blog love! Name your top 5 favourite bloggers and tell why!

Oh let’s go! cracks knuckles

Mishma – Why else? She’s an amazing potato and she’s got great posts that really gets you thinking and questioning.

Gabi – This girl’s an A-grade fangirl and an A-grade friend. I honestly can’t believe we’re friends when there are so many greater people than me.

Deanna – This lady’s something fantastic. Is amazing at defending her beliefs and doesn’t back down PROPS TO YOU.

Maha – One, she’s a UNICORN. Two, she’s incredibly sweet and incredibly kind. I just I just HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING?

Sophie – Weelll can I say that it’s amazing because we’re CANADIAN BUDDIES? Not to mention that she’s a fantastic NaNo cheerleader!

(I’m going to cheat and add a couple more people because SERIOUSLY Y’ALL ARE SO AMAZING)

Alexandra – She’s just so happy and fabulous and you can’t help yourself but smile when you’re talking to her

Cat – Not only is she INCREDIBLY ADORABLE but she’s a great human being who you can’t help but admire

Xan – I don’t talk to her a lot but her bookish photos are literally GOALS. GOALS, PEOPLE.


as for my questions:

  1. Greatest moment of 2015? Be it blog-wise or life-wise.
  2. Make your ultimate book squad! Which fictional characters do you pick and why?
  3. If you had to go to any fictional place for vacation, where would you go?
  4. Name a strange habit you have you didn’t know you did until someone pointed it out to you.
  5. What would you have named your blog besides the name you already have?
  6. What was the last song you listened to?
  7. GUESS WHAT YOU’RE A SUPERHERO. State your power, costume, and origin
  8. Create your OTP from characters in different series
  9. Name your biggest blogging fear!
  10. How did you find your blogging voice?
  11. FREEBIE (aka I ran out of questions).


i nominate…

  1. Gabi & Deanna at Reading in the Rain
  2. Maha at Younicorn Reads
  3. Sophie at Sailing Through Books
  4. Alexandra at Literary Legionnaire
  5. Izel at A Bookish Flower
  6. Tamara at Tamaraniac
  7. Cat at Let the Pages Reign
  8. Lillie at Little Lillie Reads
  9. Ava at Bookishness and Tea
  10. Alex at Fiery Reads