To the Unfortunate Readers of This Blog

To the Unfortunate Readers of this Blog

It’s not you that’s unfortunate, not really. It’s me. Well, you having me as the blogger of this blog.

(That sounds like a breakup.


I’m utter crap at this. Well, I’m crap at a lot of things, but this one I’ve just been failing at outstandingly. It’s the heavy guilt that sits in my pocket when I open the computer, knowing I should I must I have to but can I? And I can’t. Not really.

Blogging slumps are the worst.

While I want to, I can’t. Because I owe you better posts that ones hashed out in ten seconds. I want to deliver quality. Quality over quantity, they say, but is that quality worth it if it comes every two weeks?

Answer: maybe not.

I don’t really know where this post is going. It’s one part me lamenting and wearing my woe-is-me cap, but it’s also one part me apologizing profusely of my lack of presence. Lack of posts. Lack of being that crazy Claudia girl that blogs at PenMarkings (who’s pretty okay, if you ask me.)

So I’m sorry.

I’m not going to stop blogging (hell to the fuck no. You crazy?), but I just want to tell you how sorry I am for not doing my housekeeping. And to my new followers: beware. It makes me insanely (even more so) happy that y’all found this little blog interesting. Just… don’t expect posts too too often, okay? Because I’d hate to disappoint you.

This is usually the moment where I pledge to kill that blogging slump and grind out posts for days and days. As you know, I’m pretty shitty at doing that.

What I need is someone who’ll kick my ass for not blogging. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you see me tweeting or reblogging and you haven’t had a post in the last couple days (weeks), YELL AT ME. Tell me, “hey girl remember this post? YEAH, YOU OWE US ANOTHER ONE.” I won’t get mad. I promise. Reader’s honour.

Love you. Hope y’all keep reading.