All The Love For You Bookish People

All The Love For You Bookish People

Hey! It’s Valentine’s day.


I know this is more of a romantic day – couples, cupids, pointy arrows aimed viciously at peoples backs…

Love is in the air, right?

Well, don’t have any significant other. And I won’t for a very long time, I’m guessing. More from the complete lack of interest than anything else, I’m sure.

But I have some significant people that I just want to share some love with. Because Valentine’s day is about love, yeah? Not just romantic, but platonic. And we need more of that.

bookish people that exist excellently


writerly authors who give me life


characters that i love too much, damn it

  • Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius for having incredibly hard-to-spell names and being a total badass
  • Manon Blackbeak for being something wicked and deadly and so so so bloody
  • Will Herondale for becoming my first and greatest bookish love
  • Percy Jackson for being such a sassy little thing and being an amazing boyfriend to Annabeth
  • Annabeth Chase who’s everything I want to be, and more
  • Leo Valdez because ALL THE GIRLS LOVE LEO
  • Dorian Havilliard because HE IS MY BABY.
  • Inej Ghafa for being a deadly force that can kill me over and over again
  • Kaz Brekker because how can you NOT?
  • Nina Zenik for having her magnificent taste in food, which is to say she love CAKE so I love HER
  • Kady Grant because her hacker skills are on-point and I wish I could absorb them or something
  • Zuzana Nováková because she’s so short and fiery she’s way too much like me


What a long list.

BUT it was well worth it.

let’s share some bookish love! tweet out to your faves and let them know! valentine’s day isn’t just about romance – love is love, whatever it is.